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"If most of the things that we desire to do were easy, everyone would be successful at doing them and most of us would not have started businesses". 




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My name is Gwen DeVoe but most people call me Mogul. I am a former plus model who now spends most of her time creating fabulous event experiences.

I have over 20 years in event production but I am most known for creating Full Figured Fashion Week, which is affectionately known as the "Oscars" of the plus fashion industry.

I have a passion for fashion production, creating platforms where there appears to be none and turning chaos into organization.

I am also a strong advocate for diversity in the fashion industry.  I enjoy working on projects that provide opportunities for plus size models, mature models and fashion designers of color.  

The creation of Full Figured Fashion Week and my work as an advocate for diversity in fashion led the City of New York to declare June 23rd as Gwen DeVoe Day! How awesome is that?

My work as an advocate of inclusivity in fashion qualifies me as a subject expert and mentor  on the topics of women's empowerment, positive body imagery, self care and size acceptance. 

If you need a speaker on any of the above topics or if you are planning an event and have zero tolerance for most of the logistics of an event, reach out to me.  I will be happy to assist! 

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In 2019, The Courageously Curvy Girls Foundation produced an awards gala in an effort to raise well needed money for our not for profit. Needless to say that trying to plan an event of this magnitude while running an organization was a daunting task. As the founder, I became overwhelmed and lost in the process. 

We needed HELP!! And we NEEDED HELP FAST!! There are Event Planners, there are EVENT PRODUCERS.....but THEN there’s Gwen DeVoe. 

Gwen came in right on time, assessed our needs and created a comprehensive plan that not only helped us ramp up our marketing but also our ticket sales. 

Weekly production calls helped to ensure that the entire team was accountable until the day of. And for the first time as the CEO I was able to enjoy our gala, honorees and guests. Gwen’s attention to detail, coupled with our vision, made this event a day to remember. We can’t wait until 2022!!!

Donna Perry



The Courageously Curvy Girls Foundation

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Thanks to Gwen DeVoe, Crusade of Curves 2018 was a sold-out event! She did a phenomenal job speaking on our panel about her expertise in the plus sized fashion community and we couldn’t have been more grateful for her participation as a panelist. She spoke volumes about the ins and outs of the fashion world to our quests and gave invaluable information about how to tactfully pursue efforts in the industry. Our guests raved for the opportunity to meet and ask questions of Gwen and we are thankful for her sponsorship of service.

Mallory B.

Owner, The Platform Experience

Creative Visionary and Director of Crusade of Curves


Gwen has always had an eye for style and taste, ranging from fashion to décor.  For my last event in New York City I asked her to create a black and white Parisian theme and she was more than up or the challenge.  Gwen asks the right questions and is extremely detailed down to the smallest nuances in her décor.


We attended an all-white dinner event and Gwen was in charge of the table and settings.  It could be challenging for some when it is a large group of people but she ones in on what is universal yet distinctive.  Gwen is definitely a person who knows what works and that is a special gift.  I definitely look forward to seeing her future creations.

Tonya Giddens

Creator/Executive Producer

The Purple Paisley Brunch



Fashion Show

When I'm not mentoring, producing or hosting/speaking at events, I enjoy creating content about pop culture, fashion, beauty, and entertainment from a mature perspective.  You can check out my posts on these topics on my blog


Book the Mogul as a HOST/SPEAKER

If you are looking for an event Host or Speaker on any of the subject matters above (or similar), I'm your Mogul!  Please contact me with your event details to receive a quote.


Book the Mogul as an EVENT COORDINATOR

I would love to assist in the planning and coordination of your event and will work with you from conception to execution to ensure the success of your event.  No event is too small.  Please contact me with your event details to receive a quote.

Fashion Show

Book the Mogul as a MENTOR

Are you a plus model or a mature model looking for a mentor to help guide your career?  As a former plus model and now a agent for mature talent, I have extensive contacts in the plus fashion industry and have created programs to help mature men and women finesse careers as actors, models and influencers.  Contact me below for a consultation.

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One of my current projects, the Silver Fox Model Camp, is an amazing program whose mission is to discover, train and provide resources for mature talent to be successful models, actors and influencers.  To check out our workshops, please visit our website.


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